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Open and Hand-Pollinated Crosses

Shipped within 2 weeks of harvest


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WINTERWOODS is a small family nursery specializing in hellebores, epimediums and assorted hardy shade perennials.  We do on-site sales and as many plant sales as stamina allows.  The nursery is the result of an obsession with hellebores and a decision we have enough plants in the ground but want to share the joy in growing things.  Our goal has always been to remove the elitist label and high price tag from these splendid plants and make them available to the gardening public.


Each year we harvest and plant seed from our best plants, crossing those with exceptional or unique qualities. Plants are not sold until they have bloomed (3-4 years) and can be accurately described for color and shape. 


The idea of seed sales arose from involvement in garden forums whose members bemoaned the lack of US sources for fresh seed.  There are several excellent sources in the UK but postage and custom fees add about $30 to an order. 


Your response was gratifying and global and as we age we find it much easier to carry envelopes than flats of wet plants.  We have evolved with your help and hope this year’s changes, a further step in the hand-off to future generations of gardeners,  will continue to please you. 


Virginia and Greg McMillan