A garden is as good as its friends, and we have been fortunate to share the wisdom, experience and pollen of many wonderful people.  Listed below are resources we’ve found useful.




A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Hellebores, by Graham Rice and Elizabeth Strangman, Timber Press, 1993.  This has been our bible and if you buy one book make it this one.  It is comprehensive and well written, doesn’t bog down in nomenclature debates and is written for the gardener.  This is the one you’ll carry into the garden with you.


Helen Ballard, The Hellebore Queen, by Gisela Schmiemann, Edition Art and Nature, 1997.  Hard to find and expensive, incredible photographs, more of a “coffee table book”


Hellebores, by Brian Mathew, Alpine Garden Society, UK, 1989.  More scientific than either of the above, very useful in differentiating species hellebores.


These authors, all in the UK, are the true hellebore pioneers.  Their study and breeding programs are the foundation of current knowledge and practice.


 A Comprehensive Guide to Hellbores, by C. Colston Burrell and Judith Knot Tyler of Pine Knot Farms, a recognized expert on hellebores in the US.





Outstanding site, good comprehensive species information with especially good links page



An excellent site by Graham Rice, mentioned above, and based on the book he authored with Elizabeth Strangman.  Extremely thorough and useful, and full of the delight of an enthusiast.



Graham Birkin is another well known Bristish grower and enthusiast.

He will ship to the US and our first doubles came from him.  He is accessible and very helpful.














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