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Harvest may be later this year but the color strains and mixes will definitely be available. It is still too early to know precisely what hand crosses we can offer. Plants need to bloom, pollen needs to form, the bees need to come and seed has to set. As always we will use the most vigorous plants and strive for out-facing blooms and as many doubles as possible. 


Again this year we offer Individual Selections of seed from proven winners and  CUSTOM CROSSES.  Custom orders must be received by March 15, (Et tu?),

 and are limited to 3 per customer.


A NOTE ON TIMING  ORDERS WILL BE FILLED IN THE ORDER RECEIVED so if you are interested in the doubles order now, they go very quickly and most go overseas. We regret that in past years we have had to disappoint so many of you whose orders were received after they had sold out.  Generally we begin the hand pollination process in February, harvest late April through early May and have all orders shipped by mid May.  We will accept orders through July but no longer guarantee germination after June 15. 


If you would like to make an order from the 2016 list you can send it now with a 50% deposit to insure delivery of those seeds. I will e-mail you with availability information later in the season and if necessary will adjust your order with your chosen substitutions or a refund. You seeds will arrive late May/early June.


PRICES AND QUANTITIES HAVE NOT CHANGED. Color strains will be 20-25 seeds for $5, open pollinated Individual Selections will be 10 seeds for $5, self pollinated selections will be 5 seeds for $5. If you have a special request please let us know.  And if you have any suggestions on simplifying and improving the order process we would welcome them.





Please note new e-mail address:


January 12, 2016

Return customers will notice that this is the same text as last year  -  because it’s the same situation.  But we survived last year and even with the unusual late start harvested and shipped on schedule.  This year we have bee hives in the neighborhood and have our own mason bees and hope for a better harvest.


This is the time of year when we declare the winter solstice as the first day of spring and grudgingly stay inside to update the website with musings on the capriciousness of mother nature, pictures of this year’s early arrivals, and joyful anticipation of what’s to come.


Well stay tuned, because nothing is happening.  Unlike past years where we’ve had blooms by late December, only a few of the plants in the ground have buds and nothing has opened.  Even the foetidus which is usually in full bloom in December is just starting to break.  I’ve spoken to several other east cost growers and they report the same slow season start. We’re gardeners, we’re patient, but this is unsettling and we would appreciate hearing what’s happening in your gardens this year.  Please send us an email thru the Contact page and let us know what you’re seeing.