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Hellebore seed is classified as “ephemeral”, meaning lasting a very short time, and must be planted quickly for successful germination.  Some growers have  luck with dried seed but germination may take as long as 3 years, which extends the wait for blooms to 6 years. 


Being hybrids, a single seed pod will produce a variety of colors and shapes, especially if open-pollinated.  The results are slightly more controllable with hand crosses where pollen from a selected plant is brought  to another.  If a plant is “selfed” it is crossed with it’s own pollen and offspring will generally be similar.


However, if you simply must have a cup shaped yellow with red spots you have two choices.  Troll thru nurseries and garden centers, select a plant in bloom that meets your requirements and pay a premium for immediate gratification.  Or be patient, plant seed from a good quality yellow parent, and enjoy the suspense knowing that you’ll end up with a beautiful plant regardless.


Please go the Germination and Cultivation Page for more information on what to do when your seeds arrive.




 the Secret is to use FRESH SEED and let Nature take its course, you don’t need a greenhouse or lights or any special

equipment, just fresh seed and patience.