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We have began  growing and breeding hellebores in the late 1980’s..  Our seed stock comes from the great British growers: Helen Ballard through Gisela Schmiemann, Graham Birkin, Brian Matthews, Will McLewin, Graham Rice and Elizabeth Strangman as well as reputable US growers. Our crosses have been made with the goal of developing vigorous plants with up or out-facing blooms on sturdy stems that will carry the weight of the blooms.  A recent obsession with doubles has produced some lovely results as well.


Description of bloom color is subjective at best, given the changes as a bloom matures, the variety of bloom on an individual plant, and the yearly variations due to climate.  This variety is part of my fascination with these plants, and I find them all unique.  However I am not capable of coming up with a brief unique description for them all and therefore offer seed strains clumsily cataloged by gross color descriptives.  As this site develops, and my skills improve, I will offer more and better pictures.